Home buying has always been an exciting journey for either first timers or investors. From applying to your first mortgage loan to navigating a complex housing market can be daunting.

Buying VS Renting

There’s a right time to rent and a right time to buy. Home purchase secures ownership while renting has no assurance from eviction. Improvements and changes can be done which increases value of home during resale while responsibility is limited when renting.

Cash VS Mortgage

When majority of agents would prefer cash transactions, it increases your negotiating power in making an offer, clean title and able to move in or rent out the property sooner. While mortgage means more liquidity for you and less risks because of the insurance.

Hiring Grace VS Doing it on Your Own

Grace is smarter than you are when it comes to real estate, the right person to do the job with exceptional ease and elegance. Anyone who knows Grace Uhlhorn knows this an apt description of her not just because of her name, but also befitting her personality. Married to a local builder, Grace possessed a thorough knowledge of real estate and construction even before earning her real estate license. Her tenure as a former CPA lends her a strong grasp on the financial matters involved in a real estate transaction. Being an expert on the Memphis and nearby areas, she has full knowledge of the neighborhood, price range and market conditions and a wide professional network of competent business partners (contractors/vendors). You may also want to spare yourself from the federal and state mandated paperworks that can cost you thousands if missed.

For Grace, expert negotiation skills start with listening carefully to her clients’ goals and then pursuing them with everything she’s got.
Most importantly, she’s a woman who values family and relationships and puts her heart to everything.

If you’re considering buying or selling a home in East Memphis or the suburbs, call Grace today.

Because You’ll Succeed. With Grace.

Grace Uhlhorn
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