About Grace Uhlhorn

In my “previous life,” I was an accountant, a CPA, now retired. I worked for my husband, a builder, doing his books when I got my real estate license in 2000. Prior to that I worked at the University of Memphis in the Internal Audit Department. No body was EVER glad to see me!!

My passions include running (acutally just jogging now), bicycling, swimming, and my 2 dogs. I have 5 boys, Seth & Todd McNamee, Kip, George & Walker Uhlhorn. All grown & married with babies of their own; and now we have  10 grandchildren, ages 11 years – 4 months as of August 2018.

I enjoy the technology associated with real estate. I think of myself of a bit of a nerd even.  What’s great in life is when you don’t have to get up & go to “work”; you get up & go do what you like!!! I am very lucky!