Really Good Tips on Staging.

There is good staging and a bad staging. Like really really BAD staging. You really need to get several referrals from your Realtor ~ and then also look at the pictures of their work.

NAR.COM listed some hot buttons when staging:

Alcohol. Alcohol is a common thing found in many homes. It can raise both positive and negative emotions in buyers. But since you are trying to appeal to the widest base possible, NAR suggests not display liquor bottles. Wet bar can be staged as a beverage service entertaining the area with a pitcher or two and glasses. Maybe a pitcher filled with water and some cut up fruit (lemons, limes). If the wine rack will remain as a feature, a few bottles, will be fine – not the whole collection. Buyers might be uncomfortable or even offended due to various reasons. They might be recovering from alcohol or prohibited by religion or culture, who knows. We just have to be sensitive to negative emotions and not just sell the home.

The tipi (also spelled teepee or tepee). Teepee is a holy structure used for ceremonies and rites of passage and to use it to sell a house is disrespectful. Cultural appropriation is a sensitive topic specially today. It is important to understand that it may raise questions and emotions that will not help the buyer to decide in buying the house.

Dead animal parts. When your seller might be an avid hunter, the buyer might have an opposing view point. While potential buyers should have the capacity to look past any distracting decor, they just might find the animal head trophy a bit creepy. Having interests on clearly recognizable parts of animals are not in the majority, though it is becoming a trend, many might still be offended – a vegan maybe or an animal rights activist for one.

Blow-up mattresses. You don’t want to get caught up on the sound of a deflating mattress or picking up someone from the floor after sitting on a blow up mattress. More of a possible lawsuit than the humiliation. Ask for a real mattress and box spring to fit that perfect bedroom your buyer had in mind.

Word art. Minimize. Limit word art to something that creates the mood or something that will start a conversation. Staging should tell the story of how happy, successful and fulfilled one could be if they bought the house.

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