What are people thankful for in Memphis

Found this website (Choose901.com) where they ask people what are they thankful for in Memphis and here are their responses:

– Thankful for all the people who think that Memphis is the Greatest City on the World with amazing people

– From a lifelong Memphian who is thankful for Memphis because we got SOUL

– From a new Memphian, who is thankful for all the kindness and compassion he’s gotten from everyone in the area

– Thankful for the people working tirelessly to make it a better place

– So many positive organizations with positive individuals who get up every single morning and work hard to make our city an even better place to live

– Thankful for the rich culture that’s here, the history and for being a part of a thriving and growing art community

– Grateful for all artist and performers – there’s amazing talent here and they enrich my life here

– Thankful for the bike lanes in Memphis

– Thankful for the new walkway and bikeway across the Harahan Bridge. Lots of great places to go and enjoy the outdoors and getting healthy

– A great spot. You got your Memphis BBQ. You have the whole entire downtown area

– I am really realizing the more you invest in Memphis, the more it invests in you. Memphis is where I belong. Its invested so much in me and I feel like I’m rooted here.

It is truly amazing that we have these people in Memphis who chose to stay positive and strive hard everyday to spread kindness and make it viral.

Credits to Choose901.com

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